I am sorry but she has NO excuse to act like that. Vanessa Aug 23 2019 10:22 am The series was inspired by real-life criminal incidents in Korea, including the Hwaseong serial murders. we all know duk go is the developer they have been hinting it since the start but now the leader of the anti-love alarm seems to me duk go so a season 2 really needs to happen since we dont know what happened after he jumped of his window (?) But Sun-oh has always been very direct with his feelings (he tells HY after his kiss with Jojo, he declares a fair competition with HY to see whom Jojo would ring the alarm). How the app basically represents how attraction is not only good. HHZ Aug 23 2019 5:40 am Bonus points: he has such a cute smile and sometimes acts like a big baby when he’s with Jojo. If you have time to spare, this drama is definitely worth to binge- watch. Now I have 2 reasons to watch this netflix series, Korean Drama. Sun oh, he hated hyeyoung that much for approaching jojo not realizing what he did years ago??? Jojo is purely a reactive character who doesn't do anything good or bad to progress the plot. I hope she can overcome her fear and love again. Our Jojo realize it for the first time after she met our Sun-Oh. The drama and her acting are both brilliant! Okay here are my thoughts(perhaps SPOILERS AHEAD): I guess I will be crying for the rest of my life? also i forgot to mention, during gulmi's live, it feels like someone is watching her from her webcam i mean there is light or idk what is that lol and when she cried someone sent her her goal of 3m won???? Sungjae, Minjae or Kim Min Gyu!! maybe i've watched more mature dramas with no complicated (and completely nonsense) romance (and i prefer that), watching this makes me boiled in anger. Recommend Mar 13 2020 12:27 pm I've been waiting for months.. King Mar 28 2019 6:14 am I read that it is delayed until 2021 due to pandemic :( but before i watch s2, i need to see the ending first, who she gotta end up with. Also mentioning how it was so selfish of sun oh to just ‘claim’ jojo while clearly knowing, hye young, his closest childhood (and probably only) friend ever has a huge crush on jojo. W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="+W4GRB.pid[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); Absolutely love the drama, rooting for JoJo and SunOh ❤️. I am 999999% against Sun-Oh getting with Jo-Jo but unfortunately that's obviously supposed to happen. It makes no sense to me when Jojo breaks up with Sun-oh. Dora Aug 23 2019 5:40 am I will not stand for this! Whats wrong with this drama why in this page make Lee Hye-Young near jojo but in the episode she was with sun o !??? He’s so talented and handsome! I ship Jojo and Hye young! They are so beautiful couple and the chemical reactions between us make my heart shake. So, Kim Jo-jo, out! At least in My first first love the characters were interesting. Hes kind, warm,gentle and has a sweet side ahhh i love him. Thank you :), Micha Aug 31 2019 11:10 am I really hope season 2 jojo will have happy ending with sun oh ..jeballllll. Various formats Full HD from 240p 360p 480p 720p even 1080p. The music is the best and everything about this drama is addiction. Hoping Netflix won't be swayed by the huge fanbase for Sun Oh. Also, the "best friend" wasn't that attractive which made him look less that the boyfriend that the Kim Jojo has. This Drama is definetly one of the best dramas this year and the Story is cute, MOON27 Aug 24 2019 3:59 pm (When he is in the car staring at her as her bus passes by). And ur friend easily cancelled you??? Signal was an amazing drama from start to finish. The reality show follows eight people living together for one month as they get to know each other and go on dates. Teddy Sep 27 2020 12:15 pm Aug 25 2019 9:52 pm .. Coz when jojo break up with sun oh. But that protester give me duk gu's vibe. Hana Oct 20 2018 3:09 pm Rose Oct 18 2019 12:36 am Watch Drama Online Streaming Free Episodes & Movies in Dubbed and Subbed. I just hope Kim JoJo will be end up lee hye-young... Maymay Apr 18 2020 1:42 am seriously I need season 2 T___T. Chemistry between kim so hyun and song kang blew my mind. Disagreement leads to the reality of the matter not toxicity. I thought Sun-oh is the lead.. Nonton download drama china The Twin Flower Legend sub indo Sinopsis Sepasang saudara kembar dalam sebuah kisah tentang serbuan cinta pertama, perpisahan yang pasrah, persahabatan yang tak tergoyahkan dan cinta… Outside of Kim Sohyun, there's nothing redeeming about this. - Sun Oh said bad things when recognized Hye Young’s leaving and going for Jo Jo. The way their love started I still don't understand. Even though sun oh and jo jo didn't end up together atleast kim so hyun and song kang together in real life I hope my dream lol.. . Kim so hyun is so hard to see her in variety show.. . I’m so annoyed ?!!! I hope Hyeyoung and Jojo end up together. mimi Aug 30 2019 2:06 am I just need to know who's the developer??? I want more epsiodes.... No I Need More Episodes!!!!! While hye yeong look like he's still waiting jojo and after all those past he met and he doesn't care one side love even he clearly know she didn't like him back he wait and want to make jojo happy and hye yeong just happy to beside her.. Hye yeong love is much more stronger than sun oh.. She is pretty and smart. this was so immature and selfish and childish. he plays hyeyoung's emotions so well, like when he admires jojo from afar with a small smile, it just shows how much he likes her. I don't know what the producers had in mind for wrapping it all up for only 8 episodes but it ruined the feels of the whole story. Maybe thats the reason why her parents decided to killed themselves which jojo survived. Wth Hye young , he know his friend like her but ending with he love her too, what a betrayal. By far the best romance drama this year and kim so hyun never disappoints. Don’t do sun oh like that, his heart broke I can’t stand it. Signal was a crime thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout most of the show. Freshie Jun 16 2019 11:35 pm You said only Hye Young brought happiness to JoJo, so what does Sun Oh do for nonsense? Hwang Sun-Oh notices that his best friend Lee Hye-Young likes Kim Jo-Jo. Love Clinic 2015. I really wont get it if that was the story in the webtoon, unless h's character (which is an extremely looooow move) just for jojo and the other guy to get together... And to those saying Sun Oh is a brat o whatsoever, I think you're missing the point. His lips was shown in Ep. - desperately loves Jo Jo in 4 years even she acts like she doesn’t love him anymore, People says If theres season 2, as long as the cast just like the season 1, im going to watch it. If i become jojo i would choose hye yong. Season one give you nothing but lot of freeze scene and too much flashback scene. While I like Hye-Young's sweet and kind nature, he's too similar to Jo-Jo. Sun-oh has flaws and he doesn't hide them from her but she still fell in love with him. Moving on, how they ended Season 1 was too 'hanging' they started the movie with charisma and charms yet they ended the first Season so badly. You'll forget everything within days after watching the drama. In my opinion, the expressions held by the actors wasn't quite entertaining. The first half gave me butterflies. please cast yook sung jae (btob). I am Team Sunho because he is straightforward with his feelings and didnt hide them like hye Young and thats what i Love about him. Silll Aug 27 2019 12:36 am A criminal profiler Park Hae Young (Lee Je-hoon), solves a kidnapping case that ended up with a falsely accused who apparently disappeared after the crime, with a mysterious walkie-talkie he picks up. Dont forget how sweet, honest he is. mu heart aches so much for yook sung jae when everyone thought he is for so hyun. Still hugged and cared for her, - desperately loved Jo Jo in 4 years even she acts like she doesn’t love him anymore. And the acting in this drama is really very good too...really great idea for a story. IIt's one of the most boring drama of 2019. In short sun-oh's character is quite a jerk and selfish. Erson Aug 26 2019 2:20 pm Neny Dec 02 2018 9:46 pm This drama is one of the best drama I’ve watched.. aaaarrrgghhh.. although it’s creepy and I had to hold my breathe sometimes, but the relationship is real, some scenes really made me cry (and I rarely cry even when I watched other genres), the story is good, their acting is good, the make up is good. Is there any positive reviews? //