Sometimes you may notice that the Activity App is not working correctly. In this article we’re going to share the most common problems with video playback on different iPhone models, including iPhone 11, X, 8/Plus, 7/Plus, 6(s). In the iPhone watch app: The problem appears to be: there are 4 categories at the bottom of the open watch app. If your Compass app still isn’t working, try the following method. iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch: You can manually update apps.You might need a Wi-Fi connection to update some apps on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Sometimes sync may fail. The Stocks app is not longer working since I updated my devices to iOS 12. Enter the My Watch section. They are : My Watch, Face Gallery, App Store, and Search. Here’s The Real Fix. As an Apple user, you might have encountered the problem "Apps not working" on the iPhone. My iPhone Apps Won’t Open! If your activity isn’t syncing, meaning the Activity app on your iPhone is not updating; try the following troubleshooting steps. Apple Watch series 4 with iPhone 11 pro 13.3.1 firmware. ; Apple TV: Go to Settings > Apps and turn on Automatically Update Apps. If the above methods do not work, try force restarting the watch. My Watch categories will not open to a menu. When the app is opened on the watch just get a spinning red circle. Still not working? When you click the app, the app doesn’t respond, and it stays mandatory or when you open the app, the app opens then closes straight away. Dale R Double press the Home button to bring up the multitasking interface on iPhone devices with a Home button or swipe up from the bottom of the Home screen on iPhone devices with Face ID. How to Fix iPhone Swipe Up Not Working Fix 1: Try to Use iOS Repair Tool with 1-Click and without Data Loss. It just does not respond Try force quitting the Watch app on your iPhone and restarting your Apple Watch. Make sure that your device has the latest version of iOS or iPadOS, watchOS, or tvOS.Then check for app updates. See also: AirPods Are Connected But There Is No Sound. Netflix Not Working On iPhone and How To Fix There is nothing worse than when Netflix won’t load on your iPad or your iPhone. We will also provide you with easy-to-follow guides on how to fix the issues, so that you can play any video file or stream you want. Many a time, it should get rid of the problem. If you encounter iPhone swipe up not working and apps won’t close, even that iPhone can’t back to home screen, firstly you can try an iOS repair tool. It’s especially aggravating when you have a new show or latest season of a show to watch and nothing will work. Solution 4: Force Restart Your Apple Watch. I have an iPhone X and it’s still not working. On your iPhone, go to the Apple Watch app. Remove Your Case Apple’s iPhone uses a magnetic field sensor, called a magnetometer, that allows the Compass app to … Open the Watch app on your iPhone. If an update is present, install the update and wait for the procedure to complete on your watch as well. It is AnyFix, which is designed to fix 50+ iPhone problems. Solutions to Fix Activity App Not Showing Data on Apple Watch and iPhone Solution #1. Force Quit Activity App And Re-launch It. Using the new watch os 6.1.2 Thanks for any help! The first trick that you should give a try to resolve this issue is force quit the Activity app and re-launch it. Proceed to Software Update option in the General Menu.